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Zedz Foods & Beverages Limited incorporated 28th November 2017 as a private limited liability company. The company began production in March 23rd, 2020 by introducing a new innovative product “Tuwolina” made from 100% whole maize and cassava into Nigerian market. “Zedz Foods” and “Tuwolina” are registered trademarks of Zedz Foods & Beverages Limited.  

Zedz Foods & Beverages Limited is established to make difference in the life of people through production of natural, nutritious and healthy products that satisfy the needs of consumers at affordable prices.

The company’s drive to focus on African foods is to carefully process and produce packaged food without loss of natural nutrient, packaged foods free from substances or chemicals that can lead to long time health issues, packaged food without preservatives and additives, packaged food that promotes digestive health and packaged food high in nutrients and fibre. 100% natural nutrients sustain healthy living in turn guarantee long live.

Eat Natural, Eat Nutritious & Live Healthy”

Our Motivation

Food is essential things for life. The body needs a variety of five nutrients – proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals from the food we consume to stay healthy and productive.

Healthy living is determined by the quality of food that we consume. We can only live longer with healthy food.



To become a company of Nigeria’s pride.


To be the leading manufacturer of African convenience foods. Delivering High quality and affordable Healthy Satisfying Products that match every households needs at gain for all


To make our affordable quality brands the best alternative choices to all generic foods that have no traceable sources which available at the market place.


  • We always think positive to do everything better.
  • Positivity makes you and our company healthy and successful.
  • We work to make positive impact in our life, company and our consumers.
  • Our focus in the marketplace is innovation
  • We must always strive to hold first and always first
  • Innovation will continue to guarantee our success in the marketplace and as a company
  • Our focus in the marketplace is innovation
  • We must always strive to hold first and always first
  • Innovation will continue to guarantee our success in the marketplace and as a company
  • We always work to win in quality of our foods
  • we work to celebrate victory and successful achievement when our customers , consumers, farmers, other partners and environment are satisfied


  • Honesty and strong moral principles in our workplace and in relationship with external world  will continue to guarantee our victory
  • True integrity means that we always live  and consistently keep to our values

We work to satisfy our desires, customers’ desires, consumers’ desires and desires of  our environment.

Sustaining Agriculture

Zedz Foods & Beverages Limited supports farmers within our environment to meet the requirements that agriculture in Nigeria must meet to produce food and keep producing food. We are operating within Nigerian government programs and policies to sustain agriculture.

Our agriculture sustainable programs aim to sustain farmers’ resources and communities by promoting best farming practice and method that are economically viable, socially supportive and ecologically sound for the communities.

Our food production plans fits into and complement modern agriculture. We are to reward the true values of farmers and the produces.

We keep our farmers abreast of agriculture information and sector research that will improve farmers’ capacity and performances.

Zedz Foods & Beverages Limited sustainable agriculture 2025 goal targeted 100 hectares of farmland to produce our raw materials and improve food production in Nigeria and Africa at large.

We are not only focusing on maintaining soil fertility and crop protection but also sufficient food production that will match Nigeria population growth by 2025.

Zedz Foods & Beverages Limited is a manufacturer of food, sufficient food production at affordable price for the larger population is our priority.